Owners paying nominating fees are encouraged to feature their stallion. This free, personal page offers better promotion for mare owners.


Nominated stallions are those who have submitted all sustaining fees. Owner contact details are listed on this page.


Download a PDF file of all eligible stallions – these are listed firstly in alphabetical featured & then nominated section order.


Featuring your stallion is the ideal opportunity to have a professionally designed, unique promotional webpage which you can share with mare & other owners. Information such as sire & dam, race records & success of any previous progeny along with quality photographs & links to videos all build a fantastic showcase for your stallion. Photographs dont need to be professionally taken (although these will produce superior results) – most modern smart phones are capable of images large enough & of suffient quality for websites. For information on how to achieve the best image results contact BREEDERS CROWN MEDIA who will be happy to advise you.


Nominated stallions are those eligible to race, are registered & all sustaining fees paid up to date. This, as with all Featured Stallions ensures the resultant foals are eligible to race in the Breeders Crown UK & Ireland series (upon payment of the required individuals fees). Stallions presented in the Nominated section are listed alphabetically with, where applicable current owner contact details.


Click to download a list of all Featured & Nominated Stallions


Many thanks to John Curtin of Harness Link for permitting us to showcase his stallion sphere below. This will be of immense value for those contemplating buying a US bred filly or broodmare.